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Adventures of a Saint

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  liedarkhorse, Oct 14 2013

Im disgusted by vagina but don't find men sexually attractive. Im not sexually attracted to post-op trans-women. I like shemales who have cocks. I want to be a shemale too and fuck other shemales. My family is a military family. I went to a support group of trans-women and a trans-woman called me a faggot and said I'm fucking up public opinion of trans-women. Am I wrong? I went to a boob job clinic in las vegas and they wouldnt give me a boob job.

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carl sagan music
  liedarkhorse, Oct 13 2013

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Ultimate poker sucks
  liedarkhorse, Jun 13 2013

there is like 50 people total on here, 0 tournaments running, at most can only get 3 sngs going. the cash games there are like 3 tables per stake

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